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A full service provider of IT Staffing services:

ASCII Group, LLC is a full service provider of comprehensive IT staffing services designed to fulfill the needs of local, regional and global companies.

ASCII provides high-value IT staffing services to a broad range of industries. Our staffing services include providing resources for software development, systems integration, IT management, and infrastructure support, which are designed to resolve high-priority IT staffing issues.

We help our customers serve their customers better by improving organization-wide staffing levels. We do this through services that increase responsiveness, quicken turnarounds and foster a deeper understanding of market requirements. ASCII's staffing services can help your organization - regardless of size - capitalize on business opportunities.

Our staffing services encompass entire IT systems management staffing from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services that can help you efficiently implement projects.

We help you manage and support your IT infrastructure resources across your business - by optimizing IT staffing services to fit your business model and budgets to lower your total cost of ownership. We offer a full array of staffing services that support business strategies onshore, offshore and offsite. Drawing upon extensive capabilities in business analysis, application development, and IT infrastructure, administration and management consulting services, we leverage deep industry expertise to provide industry-specific resources to meet each customer's current and long-term needs. We truly believe that the relationship with our customers, partners, vendors and employees is the key to our success. 

Disclaimer“THE ASCII GROUP® is a registered trademark of The ASCII Group, Inc. and is not affiliated with Ascii Group, LLC. The ASCII Group, Inc. website is located at www.ascii.com.”